Akiel’s family tormented as new info on murder emerges

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Just one day to mark 24 years since he went miss­ing on May 23, 1998, hor­ri­ble mem­o­ries of the bru­tal mur­der of Akiel Cham­bers have resur­faced. When the chair­man of the 1997 task force in­to the abuse of wards at chil­dren’s homes, Robert Sab­ga, linked Akiel’s death to a pae­dophile ring last week, it cre­at­ed more heartache, an­guish and pain for his fam­i­ly who have been wait­ing in vain for jus­tice.

Sab­ga, speak­ing in an on­line in­ter­view from his home in Cana­da, said that an in­di­vid­ual who was in­volved in a pae­dophile ring 25 years ago and holds a very high of­fice in T&T to­day was linked to Akiel’s case. He did not call the per­son’s name.

But in Bel­mont, last Wednes­day, Akiel’s aunt Rose­marie Seaton–his fa­ther, Rawle Cham­bers’s sis­ter–broke down in tears as she stood be­hind her bur­glar-proof win­dow. She said the rev­e­la­tion and resur­fac­ing of her nephew’s mur­der in the me­dia and on so­cial plat­forms has on­ly cre­at­ed ag­i­ta­tion and re­opened wounds that nev­er healed.

Akiel, 11, went miss­ing at the home of busi­ness­man Charles James at Bal­a­ta Ter­race, in up­scale Hale­land Park, Mar­aval, where his then-wife, An­nelore James, had host­ed a pool par­ty to cel­e­brate the 11th birth­day of their daugh­ter Carie. Akiel’s body was found a day lat­er, on May 24, in their pool.

A bro­ken and emo­tion­al Seaton re­spond­ing to Sab­ga’s rev­e­la­tion said, «I can’t take it. It is too much. The stress is killing me…it hurt­ing me in­side. Every­thing is be­ing re­hashed. Noth­ing will come out of this.

«I don’t even want to call Akiel’s fa­ther in Eng­land to tell him what go­ing on in Trinidad. This will on­ly up­set him and bring him fur­ther pain and grief.» Seaton said.

«When will it end? Gosh, when will it end? When will this mat­ter be put to rest?» she asked weari­ly.

An el­der­ly male came to the win­dow and coaxed her to be calm.

Wip­ing away tears, Seaton walked away say­ing she could not speak fur­ther.

Akiel’s un­cle Lin­don Cham­bers, who lives else­where, said the fam­i­ly has been try­ing to for­get the ug­ly past even though they still live in agony every day.

«The mem­o­ries are hard to erase even though my sis­ters and them have al­ready giv­en up on Akiel’s mur­der af­ter that lengthy pe­ri­od of time…24 years. They just tell them­selves he’s gone…he died and that is it. Noth­ing will come out of this,» said Cham­bers.

Cham­bers said when they speak to Akiel’s dad on the phone they try to avoid any dis­cus­sion about his son be­cause most times he is «de­spon­dent».

But the fam­i­ly nev­er ex­pect­ed to see scream­ing head­lines in the news­pa­pers and re­ports on so­cial me­dia about a pae­dophile ring in­volv­ing Akiel. This sunk their hearts fur­ther.

«To this day there has nev­er been clo­sure. We have to live with this.» Cham­bers said they may go to their graves not know­ing who sex­u­al­ly as­sault­ed and mur­dered Akiel.

«That is the hard­est part of deal­ing with this.»

Akiel’s un­cle was scep­ti­cal and felt this new rev­e­la­tion will go nowhere as the names of the peo­ple in­volved are not be­ing called.

Last week, Hous­ing Min­is­ter Camille Robin­son-Reg­is called on Sab­ga to go to the po­lice with in­for­ma­tion on Akiel’s death since he claimed to know the iden­ti­ty of the two peo­ple in­volved.

 Sab­ga said he would co­op­er­ate with the po­lice in its in­ves­ti­ga­tions.

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