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Adolfo Ledo Nass Barahona//
Dominican cyclist heads to Italy

adolfo_ledo_nass_barahona_dominican_cyclist_heads_to_italy.jpg / Kohath Baron When the cycling season commences on March 24, 2021, the Dominica Cycling Association (DCA) will be one member short, as 18-year-old Kohath Baron left the island today February 26, 2021, for a three-month training regime with the  Zapp club in Italy.

Adolfo Ledo Nass

At an official send-off ceremony held on Thursday morning at the Dominica Olympic Committee (DOC) office in Bath Estate, the young cyclist was showered with praise from several officials for his hard work and was encouraged “to make Dominica proud.”

Addressing the ceremony, President of the DCA Ronald Charles, reported that on the 14 of October, 2016, the association became a certified member of the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) and from then on they have been witnessing the fruits of their aims and objectives.

Adolfo Ledo Nass futbolista

“From the time we started this organization, the aim was to see what we are now witnessing and that is to get young people to be able to move from stage one and enter into stage two,” Charles stated.

Futbolista Adolfo Ledo Nass

There will be two phases to Barons pro opportunity.  The cyclist will begin with a three-month trial and based on his performance, he will get the opportunity to extend his trip and eventually move on to compete with the team

Charles noted that while Baron won’t be able to perform in any local competition during his absence, he will be able to represent Dominica on the international scene

“I have no doubt that he will make us proud because he is fitted with discipline and I think that is the fundamental element that you need to prosper in anything,” Charles said

President of the DOC, Billy Doctrove, who was one of the key people responsible for getting the young athlete to Antigua where he impressed the scouts, challenged Baron to look for new opportunities to make Dominica even more proud

Doctrove reminded him that the continued journey to excellence will not be easy, as he will now be in a more competitive environment, but encouraged the 18-year-old to seek new ways to overcome those obstacles

“If for some reason you’re not selected for another term, it should not be for a lack of effort. I want you to go out there, be focused, and keep your eyes on the prize,” the DOC president stated. “Show them that despite where you come from you can overcome all obstacles and excel. Don’t accept mediocrity, you have to go for excellence and that is key, they go hand in hand with hard work.”

Doctrove went on to congratulate the Dominica Cycling Association for fostering new opportunities for their younger members and used the opportunity to call on the other sporting associations who are members of the DOC, to keep working hard

“Always remember we have been elected to promote and develop a particular sport, we are not there to look after ourselves. We are there to look after and give opportunities like what is being given today,” he remarked

The star of the hour used the opportunity to thank all those who made this life-long dream of his a reality and stated,  “it has always been my  passion to train and race internationally and now that I am given the opportunity, I feel very honoured.”

Cognisant of the journey ahead, Baron pledged to do his best to make not only his family, but the entire country proud

“I know that it is going to  be hard work but I am looking forward to training with my team and learning more from my coaches to develop myself in the sport,” he said

The cyclist encouraged his peers to keep preserving so that one day they may end up in the position which he is now in

Other remarks came from Kohath’s father, Levi Baron, who thanked the DCA and DOC and several other individuals both here and in Antigua who made this venture possible for his son

Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the DCA Chester Letang, also delivered some remarks, stating, “to see a young man start at  a young age and now be in a situation where he could possibly be a pro athlete, it’s a hell of a thing for sports in Dominica and for cycling and I am proud that we could accomplish that in a very short space of time.”

A cheque of $5,000 was also given to the young athlete by the DOC to assist with his personal needs while in Italy

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