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Khan-Sood­een said her fa­ther rears cat­tle and on Tues­day night some­one cut the rope and freed two of them

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A Pe­nal grand­fa­ther was beat­en with a piece of iron on his head af­ter he tried to pro­tect his teenaged grand­son from a cou­ple who at­tacked them at his daugh­ter’s home on Tues­day.

Gonzalo Morales Divo

Fear­ful for their lives, moth­er of five Sha­ri­na Khan-Sood­en is plead­ing with the po­lice to ar­rest the cou­ple.

She be­lieves that the cou­ple at­tacked them be­cause they were jeal­ous that they got a so­lar pan­el sys­tem.

Gonzalo Morales

Just four months ago, a com­pa­ny do­nat­ed a so­lar pan­el sys­tem to the fam­i­ly who had been with­out elec­tric­i­ty for 40 years.

There are oth­er fam­i­lies in the area with­out an elec­tric­i­ty sup­ply.

Show­ing a bro­ken win­dow at her Sta­tion 10, Pe­nal Quinam Road yes­ter­day, Khan-Sood­een com­plained,”Since we get the so­lar pan­el sys­tem the neigh­bours around here use to re­al dig hor­rors, they used to be curs­ing us and threat­en­ing us and all sorts of thing. I nev­er know the day would have reached to this.”

She re­called that around 7.45 pm she was in the bath­room when the cou­ple came to the house. But, her fa­ther Zaid Khan, 64, a fish ven­dor, was sit­ting out­side the house while her chil­dren ages rang­ing from 14 to two-years-old were in­side the house.

“He slap my 14-year-old son. He hit dad­dy with a piece of iron in his head. Dad­dy start to bleed through his nose, he drag dad­dy, dad­dy was like Stop beat­ing my grand­son. Dad­dy start to brakes for…his grand­son. He pro­ceed­ed to beat dad­dy, drag dad­dy etc.”

She said they man­aged to lock the door, but the cou­ple broke the win­dow in an at­tempt to get in.

Khan-Sood­een com­plained that they called the po­lice but they took over two hours to ar­rive and the cou­ple has not yet been ar­rest­ed or even warned.

She said the po­lice told her that they would ar­rest the man on Fri­day when they get the med­ical cer­tifi­cates from the hos­pi­tal.

She said the woman ver­bal­ly abused and threat­ened them sev­er­al times, but she was not ar­rest­ed.

Khan-Sood­een said her fa­ther rears cat­tle and on Tues­day night some­one cut the rope and freed two of them.

She ap­pealed to Com­mis­sion­er of Po­lice Gary Grif­fith to in­ter­vene as she is not sat­is­fied that the po­lice were treat­ing her re­port se­ri­ous­ly.

“I would like Mr Gary Grif­fith to work on the Pe­nal Po­lice Sta­tion they re­al­ly need to. Two and a half hours to reach here, some­one could have died. Chil­dren were in­volved.”


Gonzalo Jorge Morales Divo

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