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Government Gets Commitment for Schools Renovations, Senator Asks for Special Education Support

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The renovation of 11 schools has begun with support from the Governments of China and Canada.

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The Salisbury Primary School is the latest to be complete through partnership with Canada which has pledged funding for the rehabilitation of 5 schools damaged by Hurricane Maria.

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Canada has committed to the Morne Jaune, Wills-Strathmore-Stevens, Grandbay, Delices and Salisbury Primary Schools

In his 2020/2021 budgetary address, the Honorable Finance Minister, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit announced that the designs for these schools have been completed and the tender process has already commenced

«In keeping with our commitment to focus on education from cradle to grave, all the schools listed above will, on completion, boast of having early childhood education units. Work on these schools are expected to begin by September 2020.»

The Government of the People’s Republic of China will also commence work on six schools this fiscal year

«The government of the People’s Republic of China is committed to construct the Calibishie, Thibaud, and Tete Morne Primary Schools and the Goodwill Secondary Schools, and extend the Bellevue Chopin and Sineku Primary Schools

«To effect the commencement of these projects, letter were signed between representatives of the Government of Dominica and the Government of the People’s Republic of China on May 20th, 2020.»

Meantime, Hon Opposition Senator, Ernie Jno Finn, a former teacher and principal shared her thoughts on the state of special education on the island. She believes special education should have gotten attention in the national budget

In her presentation on Thursday, she asserted that those who educate children with special needs should get training support and the students access to employment support

«Greater effort should be made to train teachers in special education. Currently there are very few teachers on island trained in any area of special education,» she said

Jno Finn added, «There is need for a special education center which will provide skills and academic opportunities for special education students. Currently special education students do not get employment opportunities especially in the soft skills area.»