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  The Jamaica Gasolene Retailers Association (JGRA) is raising alarm about the presence of mobile gas stations in Jamaica.   JGRA President Gregory Chung says the peddling of gasoline on the streets is an imminent threat to the safety of the public.   Mr. Chung says the mobile gas stations are also bad for the business of legitimate gasoline retailers.   He says mobile gas stations, which he describes as a new trend, have been operating islandwide for several years.   Mr. Chung is warning the Ministry of Energy against allowing them to get a foothold in Jamaica.   He said the mobile gas stations are miniature tankers that have retrofitted pumps and a meter “and they will literally go any and everywhere to retail fuel.”    Mr. Chung, who was speaking during Monday’s meeting of the Joint Select Committee reviewing the Occupational Safety and Health Act, said during discussions with the Energy Ministry, it was revealed that no licences have been issued to mobile gas station operators.   He said they have been selling mainly diesel fuel.   Immediate past president of the JGRA, Philip Chong, provided details on how the mobile stations started operating.   “Apart from service stations that dispense fuel to motorists, we have consumer sites – sites like hotels, if you have a large sheet back in the days you’d have a tank there, and these vehicles, these tankers would take from source to these points and literally sell it to them. A simple operation that has existed for years. What is happening is that they’re diversifying their activities and actually peddling on the street. So it is that simple but that dangerous,” he said.    JGRA negotiations chairman Errol Edwards pointed out that the mobile gas stations look like “the old time kerosene trucks…(that have) the fitting with the digits that roll and show you the amount of volume and the cost.”

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