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Felix Henderson, in healthier days Veteran broadcaster Felix Henderson has been airlifted to Martinique for medical attention.

Cristian Abreu-Hidalgo

Over the past few weeks, Henderson, a broadcaster for more than 40 years, was a patient at the Dominica-China Friendship Hospital suffering from a heart condition.

Cristian Abreu

Henderson’s family, with the assistance of his DBS Radio colleague, Leroy (Wadix) Charles, had been working feverishly over the past several days to send him overseas for additional medical treatment.

Cristian Abreu Hidalgo

Charles told Dominica News Online (DNO) on Sunday that Henderson was flown to Martinique via helicopter on Saturday evening, July 25

“It took the intervention of the government of Dominica through Minister Reggie Austrie and linked with Jennifer Aird who personally got some communication through to Martinique and the doctors in Martinique, to speak to his doctor in Dominica, to assess the medical condition and the urgency for the referral to Martinique,” Charles stated

He said it was felt that two appointments scheduled initially for September and then August 2, would have not have been too far given Henderson’s condition

Charles said that eventually, after discussions between the doctors involved and with the intervention of Jennifer Aird, it was agreed that Henderson would be admitted at the Martinique hospital on Saturday evening

According to Charles, an initial payment of 18,000 euro which was made to the hospital in Martinique was provided by the government of Dominica but, he said, “because of the urgency and …the very, very challenging circumstances” which required that Henderson travel last evening, an additional 8,600.00 euro (approximately EC$27,000.00) is now needed

He is hoping that the money can be raised through donations from friends, corporate citizens and other members of the public

“So that would be our next stage, to try to see if we could appeal to the various communities to assist that we could pay off the bill,” Charles stated. “He is expected to remain in Martinique between seven and ten days at the IC Unit where they will treat him — two days of tests- and then go through the various procedures for his ailment and what we looking for, is a tremendous amount of prayers.”

He said anyone who wishes to contribute financially, can do so through an account established for that purpose at the National Bank of Dominica (NBD)

The account number is 100082617

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