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Dear Mr. Editor, I SAW a most comical letter by the illegal opposition MP Harry Gill, published in the Stabroek News on September 23, 2019. The letter is titled, “At no time Dr. Cummings’ car was threatened”. The Dr. Cummings in question is the very legal Minister of Foreign Affairs. The PPP-designated letter writer, Harry Gill started out by stating that he needed to “clear the air”. The thug-in-chief is spot-on. With that kind of atrocious toxic behaviour, the air does need clearing. Unfortunately, a propaganda letter wouldn’t do. Gill then went on to explain what transpired, or rather what story they fabricated at Freedom House in Robb Street. The not-so- Princely Harry stated that Dr. Cummings’ chauffeur was trying to bully his way through protestors. Seriously, Harry! That’s the best script you guys could have manufactured. Sit back, Harry, and take note on how the goodly doctor would dissect your story with surgical precision.

Mr. Editor, by international standards, cars drive in the middle 3/5 of the road with pedestrians utilising the outer 1/5, if they are no pavements. The only time a passenger gets to the inner 3/5 is if he/she is crossing the road. Let’s examine the video evidence that Harry is alluding to. In that video, it was obvious that the crowd was in the middle 3/5, i.e. of the road; they were stationary, hence not crossing the road. The door bouncer, who should have been careful since he has 19 criminal charges under his belt, was in sunglasses and cap, gesturing that he would flip over the 4000kg SUV. Irfaan, why bother lifting a 4000kg vehicle? Why not try something less heavy; say your transcripts? Lifting that and producing it would be much more than 4000kg off your shoulder. The next character I recognised was the one-time ‘presidential hopeful, self-appointed oil and gas consultant now turned street-protester-in-chief, ‘Baby Charles’. Mr. Editor, these guys and their followers were all in the middle of the road, the designated area for vehicular traffic. Come on Harry, it is obvious that they were not there to get the autograph of the legal Minister of Foreign Affairs; they were there to stop her vehicle like exactly what they did to Minister Patterson.

Then Harry Gill went on to state that the only reason our legal President, Mr. Granger, was interrupted was because he called the protestors hooligans. Harry, clearly your gill is not working, and your brain is starved of oxygen. Listen to me, go look back to that video. The hooligans that interrupted the President, led by the Bishop, all had placards readied for violent protest. Don’t tell me that they knew a month ago that the President would call them ‘hooligans’, hence they had their placards at the ready.

I would say this, and I would say this with no apology. What I saw was a pack of hooligans dressed in red, terrorising folks at the Pegasus Hotel. No amount of letter writing can whitewash that fact. It was street terrorism orchestrated to create fear and divide the country. The police and the President showed great restraint, which they should be applauded for. Under the PPP, such protest would have resulted in many dead, many arrested and injured. So, my suggestion to the PPP “think tank” is, next time come up with a believable story. By the way, never use Harry again; he is neither smart nor articulate.

Regards, Dr. Mark Devonish

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