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Entornointeligente.com / The trinidad Guardian / Living in squalor since the death of her husband, widow Seema Ramsaroop and her children can finally see a ray of hope.

This after a couple from Penal promised to build them a new home early next year.

Ramsaroop, whose plight was highlighted twice by the T&T Guardian this year, said yesterday she was praying the promise materialises.

“They took photos and I showed them a piece of land which my mother gave to me. They promised to build a home for us but they said maybe in January or February,” Ramsaroop said.

The family has also applied to Habitat for Humanity for consideration, in the hope the organisation will lend assistance.

Ramsaroop, whose life has been one of misery and hardship, said all she wanted was peace and happiness. She said her 10-year-old daughter has been granted enrolment at the Princes Town RC School, which is walking distance from their home, but her sons Daniel, 21 and Sudi, 19, are still unemployed.

“We plant some dasheen, eddoes, seasoning, pepper and tomatoes so at least we will have food, but if my sons could get work this will be really good,” Ramsaroop added.

She said her husband, who died from diabetes, taught the boys landscaping before his death. Saying she was still owing money having borrowed to buy books for her daughter, Ramsaroop said she was thankful for any assistance.

However, she said some people have been making a mockery of her life.

“A woman called me to ask why I make so much children. I couldn’t deal with those kinds of insults so I blocked her. I was 15 years when I got involved with my husband, who was 33 and he beat me up to when he died,” Ramsaroop recalled.

She also said a man claiming to be a pensioner called her to say he had a young wife but was willing to throw her out and mind Ramsaroop and her children.

“I also blocked him. I can’t deal with those kinds of calls,” Ramsaroop added.

Saying her life should not be judged by others, Ramsaroop said she never imagined being thrown out of her marital home and being forced to live in a shed fit for animals.

“In life bad things happen. All we can do is try our best to make it for the sake of the children,” Ramsaroop said.

Ramsaroop’s life took a turn for the worst last February when her husband died.

Days after the funeral, she was told she had to leave their house. In June, Ramsaroop, her children, aged three to 21, twin grandsons, age two and daughter-in-law, 23, were evicted and their house destroyed.

Their broken furniture and other belongings were dumped outside Ramsaroop’s mother’s house, but with nowhere to store it and several days of persistent rain, everything was destroyed.

From living with pipe-borne water, electricity and a roof over their heads, the family started living in a shack with no proper toilets, no electricity and no furniture.

Anyone wanting to assist Ramsaroop can contact her at 492-1248 or 376-8549.

A new home for Seema

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