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Entornointeligente.com / The Trinidad Guardian / Naparima Member of Parliament Rodney Charles flew into a huff and puff recently after Sandals Deputy Chairman Adam Stewart said a key ingredient in developing tourism in Tobago was keeping the island clean.

During a recent interview with the T&T media on the eventuality of Sandals coming to Tobago, Stewart very openly stated that if there is a fete or an event taking place overnight, then the authorities must ensure that there is no mess left the day after.

What did Rodney Charles take out of that? His only take on that was that Adam Stewart called Trinidadians “nasty” and that he should apologise. Nowhere did Rodney Charles try and even assess what Mr Stewart was saying, instead choosing to shoot for cheap political points. And right there my friends, is the problem with our politicians in T&T and the Caribbean.

I find it very ironic, therefore, that barely had the dust settled on Charles’ display, that Port-of-Spain Mayor Joel Martinez was forced to appeal to citizens to take responsibility after they left the Queen’s Park Savannah in a total mess following activities there over the Easter weekend. Rubbish strewn all over the place! Charlie come back to town

In fact, Mayor Martinez has taken the discussion beyond tourism, speaking to the very fabric of society: “If we want to build a proper society and a proper nation we have to be able to do the little things first, something as simple as picking up garbage, because I’m sure there were many children there…it means then you don’t really care about your country.”

Mr Charles, I would like to hear what you have to say about that. Should the Mayor apologise too? And if you follow the comments online you will see that it is now Trinis calling other Trinis “nasty”. Should they also apologise?

We have to move away from that backward and archaic style of politics, and present a smart and intelligent approach because our people are not naïve and they are not stupid. They see petty politics for what it is.


A lesson in the dangers of playing politics

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