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A final farewell Sat, 06/19/2021 – 5:40am Distinguished economist, former Permanent Representative to the Organization of the United States and this island’s first Central Bank Governor Sir Courtney Blackman has been laid to rest.


Three months after passing in the United States, where he had resided for over two decades, a service of thanksgiving was held at the Cathedral Church of St Michael and All Angels yesterday morning.


Sir Courtney’s three sons, Keith, Christopher and Martin delivered the eulogy, each taking the time to share with the invitation-only congregants various stories of growing up with the economic powerhouse.


Remembering his father’s stance of the need “to increase your human capital”, Keith pointed out the times when homework-less days became times to read and be tested on various books chosen by Sir Courtney. After seeing a significant drop in his GPA, while Martin spoke on the time his dad took two weeks off work to fly to the US to help him bring his grades back up at school. Chris reminisced on an incident with a shop-keeper who informed him and his brothers that they could not come into the establishment unless they were buying something and his father’s reaction to it, informing his children and the startled shop owner that they could come and look around anytime they wanted to.


“We love you, Sir Daddy,” they echoed, as their mother and Sir Courtney’s wide Gloria Lady Blackman cast her gaze to the cloth draped casket.


Meanwhile, Central Bank Governor Cleviston Haynes paid tribute on behalf of the former governors of the financial institution, saying the founding father, who was the youngest governor at the age of 39, ensured it was highly respected, both here and abroad.


Speaking on Sir Courtney’s successes throughout his 15 years tenure, including the decision to peg the Barbados dollar to the US dollar rather than the British pound, Haynes outlined a man who was interested in ensuring persons pursued higher educational attainment.


“Sir Courtney’s contribution to the bank should not be limited to the economic policies which he crafted or the physical structures that he championed as he reminded me one day after he left the bank ‘central banking is an intellectual exercise’. He recruited individuals whom he believed could fulfil this task and insisted that they be well-qualified, educated and informed. He therefore encouraged our pursuits of academic qualifications, promoted and backed our attendance at educational events and created opportunities for international exposure. This allows many of us to sharpen our skills, grow our competencies and acquire global capital and he did not worry about us seeking greener pastures after such development. His was the view that he was developing citizens for the world. Our staff many of them retired laud and thank him for his foresight and in interest in their personal and professional development and appreciate the many doors he opened for us inside and outside the bank,” he explained.


During the sermon, Dean of the Cathedral Reverend Jeffrey Gibson said Sir Courtney’s love for his family and fellowman and his service to his country should be lauded and replicated by citizens.


“A rich pattern of life has been complete, let us give God thanks and open ourselves to be comforted by God’s grace,” he said.


Sir Courtney’s body was laid to rest at St. David’s Anglican Church.

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