A castle in Negril

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Medieval castles were constructed as fortifications and residences of royalty and the nobility for a duration of some 900 years.

Germany is home to some of the most outstanding and famous of these citadels in Europe and the rest of the world. Their majestic presence conjures up mythical stories straight out of a fairy tale.

Beate and her husband Manfred, both from Chemnitz in eastern Germany, first visited Jamaica in 1993 with their daughter. Consistent with what often transpires, sentimentality got the better of them and they became enamoured with the island. They ultimately acquired a one-third-acre lot in Negril in 2001 to build their dream house, and happily moved to Jamaica in 2008. The white-painted structure was put up in 2011.

Their discreet, hillside home (if you are lucky enough to see it) is camouflaged within a jungle-like setting of dense vegetation and fruit trees, as it spies sea views from its strategic vantage point.

However, it’s the design and ornamentation on the building that sets tongues wagging with disbelief. Its unconventional architecture created in Germany with battlements (alternate open spaces on top of peripheral walls through which guns and arrows could be fired back in the day) was inspired by Europe’s castles, along with whimsical detailing that disassociates it from the familiar out there.

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