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I do find it rather strange that a man of Gordon Robinson’s intelligence could publish comments as he did in his Sunday Gleaner column of December 17, 2017, ‘Apologies, apologists and Tivoli slaughter’.

First, I must ask if Mr Robinson was here in the days leading up to the incursion and if he was following the news of hundreds of residents from the state known as Tivoli marched on the streets of Kingston in support of their ‘President’, Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, for whom they said they were prepared to die.

Yet not a single person who gave evidence at the commission of enquiry admitted to knowing Dudus or having any affiliation with him.

Yes, the people of Tivoli need an apology and very good compensation, but not from the security forces who put their lives on the line for the good of every single Jamaican. The apology and compensation should have come from their President.

Although both the American and Jamaican governments cannot locate his wealth, with all the current businesses and holdings he owns, although not in his name, he is still in a position to make good to the persons whose lives he has destroyed while trying to protect him.

I just cannot see how the security forces get all the blame when the then prime minister said he was prepared to put his political career on the line in defence of the then big man who was fully in charge of Jamaica.

Jamaicans on the street can point out his big hardware complex, his apartments, houses and other businesses, yet the authorities cannot touch him or his wealth, just as how no charges were ever made against him with all the damage he has done to Jamaica and its people.

Yet every day we hear people crying out ‘We waan justice’. Where is the justice for the poor taxpayers who must foot the bill?


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© Roberto Pocaterra

© Roberto Pocaterra Pocaterra

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