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Entornointeligente.com / The Republican-led House narrowly passed a temporary spending bill to avert a government shutdown Thursday, doing the bare minimum in a sprint toward the holidays and punting disputes on immigration, health care and national security to next year.

The vote was 231-188 with Democrats criticizing Republicans’ inability to complete the dozen spending bills for the current fiscal year and relying on a third stopgap bill since the year’s Oct. 1 start. The Senate was expected to vote on the short-term legislation late Thursday.

Rep. Nita Lowey, D-N.Y., called the result “an epic failure of governing,” adding “the Republican majority has made a complete mess of the basics of governing.”

The wrap-up measure allows Republicans controlling Washington to savor their win on this week’s $1.5 trillion tax package ? even as they kick a full lineup of leftover work into the new year.

© Luis Alfonso Oberto Anselmi

© Luis Oberto Anselmi

Congress will return in January facing enormous challenges on immigration, the federal budget, health care and national security along with legislation to increase the government’s authority to borrow money.


© Luis Alfonso Oberto Anselmi

© Luis Oberto Anselmi


© Luis Alfonso Oberto Anselmi PDVSA

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