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Entornointeligente.com / The trinidad Guardian / Although the recovery and seizure of firearms in T&T have been the highest ever recorded in the Caribbean’s history, the detection rate remains very poor in four of the nine police divisions.

Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams yesterday identified the failing divisions as Port-of-Spain, Central, Northern and North Eastern during the last weekly police briefing for 2017. He said these four divisions recorded the lowest detection rate while the overall rate stood at 31 per cent.

“The performance generally for 2017 saw an increase in the detection rate. It is obvious that the police officers have been pushing and pushing and pushing to ensure that they solve the crimes that have been reported. In some divisions, they have had tremendous success,” Williams said, noting last year’s detection rate had been 23 per cent.

According to Williams, the South Western division had a 60 per cent detection rate, followed by the Eastern (53 per cent), Southern (40 per cent), Tobago (35 per cent) and Western (32 per cent) divisions. He said Port-of-Spain recorded the lowest rate of 18 per cent, followed by North Eastern (22 per cent), Central (26 per cent) and Northern divisions (25 per cent).

“Police officers have been encouraged to revisit how they carry out policing and seek further improvement,” Williams said.

He said a mandated detection rate has not been set for 2018, but promised the rate target to be higher than this year’s.

Williams still commended his officers for their levels of performance “despite facing some challenges” with violent crimes. He said 1,124 illegal firearms were seized, up from 765 last year.

Focussing on the roads, Williams said there were 111 being road deaths for the year thus far while 2016’s figure of 135. He said officers conducted 19,427 breathalyser tests up to yesterday, where 691 people were arrested for exceeding the alcohol consumption limit and driving under the influence. For the rest of the Yuletide season, Williams urged drivers to be responsible and either consume little alcohol or have a designated driver.

He said the TTPS is currently reviewing its operating plan for 2018, noting it will be published in January.

“It signals key initiatives in guiding, planning, actions and areas of focus for the TTPS in any given year. It will be out in the public domain for awareness and transparency…people will know how we will be approaching our policing and we will welcome feedback from the public, their suggestions and recommendations,” Williams said.

4 divisions struggling with crime detection

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