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120 New Doctors To Be Hired In Public Sector


Entornointeligente.com /   Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton has announced that 120 new doctors are to be hired in the public sector following recent complaints about unemployed physicians.   It was reported that scores of interns are unemployed as hospitals are not able to hire the medical professionals due to budgetary constraints.   The young doctors were out of jobs despite a chronic shortage of medical personnel in the public health sector.   On Thursday, Dr. Tufton disclosed that the Ministry of Finance has now made funds available to hire these doctors.    “A few weeks ago, we had a situation where doctors, having graduated, were not engaged because there was no post for them. Well, we now have the posts. We’re working out the details. All of those 106 I think there were that did not have positions will be taken on…. They will be deployed appropriately and again, that will strengthen the numbers in the field, not just for COVID, but certainly, the response to COVID will benefit from that,” he declared.       


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