CIBC FirstCaribbean donates to Father Mallaghan’s Home for Boys / Regardless of the sometimes dark and challenging episodes surrounding the pandemic, the world acknowledges the positive values men bring to the world, their families and communities, by recognising and celebrating International Men’s Day. The ethos behind the day, now observed in over 70 countries, is to stop and take a good look at the achievements of men across the globe, with particular emphasis on their contribution to the political and socio-economic environment, the nation, as well as to the community, their families, and child care. A marked increase of gender-based violence in the pandemic worldwide, partially attributed to lockdowns and isolation, gave rise to the timely theme for 2021; “Better relations between men and women.” Discussion around this topic may not sit easily with either gender, but the reality necessitates meaningful dialogue which can be translated into action. Tyrone Buckmire, Director of Legal Aid and Counselling Clinic, and social worker for over 30 years, was ideally positioned to engage a number of young men in dialogue arising from the chosen theme. The discussion took place in a virtual forum initiated by CIBC FirstCaribbean as part of activities to mark the day. Buckmire stated, “The best qualifications I bring with me in moderating this discussion, arise from my role as a father and husband. Lived experiences are always the best teachers.” Questions posed to foster dialogue for the session included; “Why has this particular theme been chosen for 2021? Is there a real need for improvement? And, if each gender is not satisfied with the status quo, what is the cause?” Andre Cadogan, Country Head for CIBC FirstCaribbean, shared his thoughts on the subject. “We need to change the conversation; it’s not about socialisation, or blaming socialisation for unchanged behaviours. It all boils down to establishing mutual respect.” Unhappily, Grenada’s island-wide statistics indicate that gender-based violence continues to be on the increase, particularly among young men 18-35 years. This sobering statistic shows a dire need to address relationship-building based upon mutual respect, along with the ability to communicate, and to manage conflict. In addition to the virtual forum, the day was also marked by a physical visit to Father Mallaghan’s Home for Boys, established in 2015, and currently home to 12 boys. Seasonal treats were shared and a donation of EC$2,000 was gratefully received by Ingrid Lashington, manager of the home. She stated, “We are very proud of the work we do with the boys, and especially what they have been able to achieve with a holistic education, guidance and a roof over their heads. Many of them have become valuable, productive members of the community. The funds from the bank will definitely be put to very good use.” CIBC FirstCaribbean NOW Grenada is not responsible for the opinions, statements or media content presented by contributors. In case of abuse, click here to report .


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