‘Wait till mi 50,’ Tanya Stephens and Patra challenge the dancehall

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Two of dancehall’s favourite female veterans, Tanya Stephens and Patra, are doing what some would call the unthinkable. Totally dismissing annoyances like ageism and sexism, they are celebrating getting older with a spate of lyrics that couldn’t be more in your face. The two ‘Goodaz’ are in full-blown walk-out mode, brimming with attitude and plenty of dancehall sass and savvy.

‘If yuh think mi bad now…wait till mi 50…’ is the theme, the challenge and the promise all at once, and one can only but imagine the smug facial expressions, the fluid finger flick, the head movements and the shoulder twist that all drive home this timeless point.

Producer for the track, Tad Dawkins Jr, gives all the credit to Tanya Stephens, who he said totally conceptualised Fifty , as the track is titled.

«We were working on an album, and Tanya came up with the idea. She had the lyrics, and she knew exactly who she wanted to collaborate with, and I fully endorsed it,» Dawkins told The Gleaner . Why? «Because nobody is celebrating age in the dancehall. We all know where Tanya is coming from, and to this day, she bad same way … and Patra is the icing on the cake. Two legendary women making a positive and powerful statement about growing older in the dancehall is a great thing.»

For Stephens, this song represents a vital part of her journey, and one which she has always been aware of and prepared for. It is also her way of «screaming for validation» in a space where youth is seen as «goals».

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