Venezuela forces ‘threaten’ Guaido, arrest ally for treason

venezuela_forces_a_C2_80_C2_98threatena_C2_80_C2_99_guaido_2C_arrest_ally_for_treason.jpg / By DW Jul 12, 2021 Fabiana Rosales, wife of Venezuelan politician and opposition leader Juan Guaido, shared images online on Monday, saying they showed armed Venezuelan security officers at the couple’s Caracas apartment seeking to detain her husband. 

Rosales also claimed authorities had entered the building’s parking garage to keep Guaido from leaving the premises.

Shortly after the incident, Guaido told reporters that security forces had “threatened” to arrest him but had then left.

“The harassment and the threats will not stop us,” said Guaido.

Guaido’s wife again took to Twitter after the officers left, seeming to credit the media and locals with foiling the plot by turning up in large numbers after her alert.

“At this moment, President Guaido is in my home,” Rosales wrote. “Thanks to the media and neighbors for coming.”

In a later tweet, Rosales also shared a video of what she said were bullet holes left in one of her walls by the FAES agents.

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