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Kianne Hutchinson’s abstract art meets digital technology

kianne_hutchinsonrs_abstract_art_meets_digital_technology.jpg / There are an infinite number of reasons why she loves photography and it seems each time she captures an image, that number increases by at least one more reason. Photography, for Kianne Hutchinson, freezes moments along with beauty in time to cherish forever, records history and preserves it for generations to see and interpret as they please.

Hutchinson says its one thing to experience history in the making as a photographer, while it’s another to witness it and capture at the same time; making it possible to some, and to those that don’t get to live that experience first-hand, photography allows them to experience it at their leisure.

“Like most artists, experimentation is constant. I started out with photography, which is an art in its own right, then I got into abstract digital art. This led to merging art with photography to make traditional pictures more contemporary,” Hutchinson said.

“I enjoy putting an artistic spin, especially on Jamaican elements. Lately, I have been experimenting with a fluid art style. I am particularly drawn to changes from time to time, but I tend to like bold abstracts, mixtures of pop elements, collage work and classics,” she added.

Digital technology has become the new painting brush for many painters, the new pen of many illustrators, the new keyboard of many musicians, and with the fast evolution of computer programmes and graphics, abstract digital art has managed to establish itself as a strong realm of its own that is here to stay.

FREEDOM According to Hutchinson, it allows for wonderful, boundless freedom sometimes intertwining with the notions of conceptual art and surrealism, embedding its ideas into shapes, forms, textures and colours.

Due to such nature, abstract art often issues no explanation, but only transmits an idea, a thought, an emotion that sometimes not even its creators cannot explain through any other way, but the one we see in their artworks.

“I have found that there is great synergy. Being left and right-brained lends itself to being precise, yet fluid. This, in an artistic context, makes things like balance in composition more intuitive. Inspiration comes from so many places; more often than not, it is based on a feeling, and many things can influence that feeling,” Hutchinson said.

For the augmented reality that is applied to her pieces, Hutchinson utilises an artivive app that is free for the front-end user to download. The app essentially gives a unique fingerprint to each image that allows it to identify that image wherever it is placed and play the video content when it is uploaded.

“Behind the scenes, the user interface requires the upload of the still image as well as the animation or video. Then when the viewer points the app at the art, it comes alive with the content which was uploaded. In some of the pieces, positive words are used, in others, animation of the artwork itself, and a variety of styles and content are used,” Hutchinson said.

The creative sphere is Hutchinson’s full-time career, although she has worked in the pharmaceutical industry at a multinational pharmaceutical company for 12 years, as a medical representative then as business manager.

“I do love the sciences, but I have always loved art as well. This fact has made it a very natural artistic journey and it has also made me enjoy reading and studying about topics from art and photographic history to typography,” she said.

Hutchinson has been a featured artist at F&B Downtown and her work has been included in ‘A Celebration of Photography’ held in collaboration with the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission and the Jamaica Photography Society. Recently, some of her pieces were on display in the Gene Pearson Gallery’s consignment collection exhibition and she has also been featured in a German photography magazine.

VOGUE FEATURE Another of her major achievements also include VOGUE Italia (Italian VOGUE) PhotoVogue, selecting two of her photos, that have been placed on their photography portal, with her photographer profile.

“For all those who struggle, wondering what on earth they are doing pursuing their dreams and feel like throwing in the towel, bending under the weight of daily life and doubting themselves, don’t give up,” Hutchinson said.

“I have been in that place far too many times to count. Then right when you feel like you are at your limit, a piece of encouragement comes your way, then another, and another, telling you to keep going, one step at a time. This is an encouragement for me! Keep your eyes open for yours, whether large or small,” Hutchinson said.

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