PPP’s empty promises vs real achievements


Entornointeligente.com / Dear Editor, THE People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has released “excerpts” from that party’s 2020 Manifesto, and their propagandists are going door-to-door, distributing copies of the document. Or, rather, one could say that it were comical if it did not pertain to the serious matter of national governance, and, were not contributing to the persistent littering problem.

Frankly, the PPP’s “manifesto” is a joke. Evidently, the authors at Freedom House sat around a table, threw out random ideas about what Guyanese may want to hear, incorporated aspects of the President David Granger’s ongoing policies and programmes, and sent the resulting content straight to the printer.

Obviously, little thought was given to the content of the publication. The PPP’s 2020 manifesto would simply be dismissed and tossed into the garbage where it belongs, by any right-thinking person. After all, the PPP had 23 long years to make good on their empty promises, but, instead, used that time in office to line their pockets, give away Guyana’s land to their cronies, make Guyana a criminal narco-state, squander taxpayers’ money on overseas trips, and, of course, construct their “Pradoville” haven.

On the other hand, the David Granger administration, in only four years, has transformed Guyana into a democratic, respectable, State. Our country, which was once a narco-funded, lawless, piracy-ridden land, reigned-over by a dishonest, untrustworthy, greedy, criminal PPP regime, has been made, by President David Granger, into a respected, law-ruled, territory, with an enviably-growing economy. Guyana has truly come a long way from the dark days of the PPP.

Productivity has been enhanced. Environmentally friendly mining has been boosted. The rice production sector has finally been receiving government’s attention. Cash-crop production is being actively encouraged and fostered by the David Granger government. The tourism sector has grown by some eight per cent as a direct result of government policies, programmes, and initiatives. Billions of dollars have been invested in public infrastructure across Guyana’s regions.

Electricity supply has been improved in coastal communities, and a record number of hinterland villages are getting electricity for the first time. The education sector has benefited from a modernised curriculum. The rate of school-dropouts has been reduced. Information and communications technology (ICT) is now an integral part of the curriculum. New healthcare facilities have been established, while the pre-existing ones have been improved and upgraded. Some 14,000 houselots have been delivered. Water supplies to coastal and hinterland communities have been established or enhanced. And the list goes on.

All of the programmes and initiatives introduced by the David Granger administration, clearly, have one single objective: the production of better lives for all Guyanese regardless of where one lives. The David Granger policies evidently aim to put more money into the pockets of all citizens, thereby, creating the conditions for people to have good jobs, and better lives. Of course, obviously, the work of government has only just started. As Guyanese, we must allow progress to continue, as we work together towards better futures.

Regards, Mark DaCosta

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