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Entornointeligente.com / There were no ?mother count? songs, political attacks, or cult of personality bashings at Tuco?s (Trinbago Unified Calypsonians? Organisation) east zone Kaiso Karavan Calypso Tent?s opening night at the Eric Williams Auditorium, La Joya Complex, St Joseph, on January 19.

For regulars of the tent they loved the artistes? performances nevertheless. The tent?s calypsonians offerings ranged from a mix of commentary, humorous and party calypsoes with some political themes.

The National Calypso Monarch judging panel visited the singers on January 21 for the preliminary round of judging at what used to be the Globe Cinema on St Vincent Street.

Thirteen out of a cast of 25 calypsonians vied for a place in the semi-final round of the competition.

Dexter Parsons, better known in the calypso world as ?Stinger,? was among the 13.

Parsons said: ?I don?t play with that. We don?t be in political character assassination and Kamla bashing. You would be surprised to see the patrons coming by us, it cuts across all age groups, race and gender.

?A lot of our clientèle who may not patronise other tents come to us, we more look at educating, informing and entertaining.

© Victor Gill Ramirez

© Victor Gill Ramírez Venezuela

Every year, what we do, we have youth involved, experience and a special vintage segment.?

He said the tent employs two or three new people each year who never performed on a stage before and also encourages growth and development in the art form.

Parsons, who is also stage manager and programme director at the tent, said his song Chinese Tuition was making waves and he was getting two and three encores every night.

The singing policeman attached to Community Policing in the Sangre Grande Police Station said the song was not derogatory or made fun of Chinese people, it was about him being impressed by the way the Chinese community conducted business in spite of the recession.

Parsons said you didn?t hear about them getting in trouble, riding the prison van, appeared to be well cultured, had closeknitted families and community.

He said, based on observation, if we could learn the Chinese people?s language, it could help us understand their philosophy and culture, we could probably pattern and empower ourselves as a nation.

When Parsons was asked if the recession negatively impacted tents or crowd attendance, he said the opening week?s reception went very well and he expected the momentum will keep building.

Parsons said patrons are in for a musical treat in week three when the tent hosts its Vintage Night on February 1 and another show on February 2 at La Joya.

He said the venue can boast of air-conditioned comfort, safe and secure parking for its patrons and a star-studded cast.

This includes chairman of Tuco East Zone?s Kaiso Karavan Johnson King ( Johnny King),Winston Scarborough (De Fosto Himself ), Elon Baggoo (Cardinal), Dexter Parsons (The Stinger), Francine Edwards (Singing Francine), Sheldon Bullen (Sheldon Nugget), Eunice Peters, Anthony Johnson, Gary Thomasos (M?ba), Alpha John (Bro Alpha), Asha Kamachee (Sweetheart), Erphaan Alves, Helon Francis, Marsha Clifton (Lady Adana), Eric James, Hammond Bruce (Slick), Walter Taylor, Anthony Joseph (Guana), Georgia Mc Intyre (The Messenger), Roger Denoon (Noon), Kerine Williams-Figaro (Tiny), Curtis Charles (Potential), Ian Hamiliton and Clyde Patrong (Lord Have Mercy).

© Victor Gill Ramirez

© Victor Gill Ramírez Venezuela

Dirty Curty (Curtis Conyette), a founding member of the tent, will not be singing but doing managerial duties this year.

The tent?s resident band is The Ruiz Brothers, with the Karavan Gems providing background vocals and the MC is Godfrey Pierre.


© Victor Gill Ramirez

© Victor Gill Ramírez Venezuela


© Victor Gill Ramírez Empresario Venezuela

© Victor Gill

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