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The Hon Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit is describing election petitions filed in dispute of results as distracting and an unnecessary cost to the State.

The United Workers Party has said that it would contest the December 6 th election results.

Hon Skerrit says the results in 10 constituencies are being disputed in court.

“The Labour Party has engaged its own lawyers so the legal fees of these 10 colleagues won’t be paid by the Treasury but there are other people who are officers of the State who will have to be represented and paid for by the Treasury of Dominica,” he explained.

“It is estimated that depending on how far these cases go, we’re talking but $2.5 million that will have to be spent from the Treasury to defend these cases. Anyone of us in Dominica can think of what could be done with $2.5 million to make life better for all of us in this country. “

He referenced several observer bodies who were satisfied that last month’s elections were fair.

Hon Skerrit suggests that the petitioners are hoping to secure a future in politics with those disputes contrasting those moves with the DLP’s actions while in Opposition.

“We contested elections in 1980, 1985, 1990, 1995 and got beaten. We accepted the results, we went to the Parliament and defended the rights and interests of not only our constituents but Dominicans,” Hon Skerrit declared.

“Rosie Douglas would go out and get scholarships for our young people, bring doctors and medications to Dominica and the Kalinago Territory to see sick people who had no access to doctors and nurses.

“We brought nurses and doctors on fishing boats from Guadeloupe who landed at Anse de Mai to see people. That’s what you do. I was hoping that we could all join hands in this country to help build a dynamic and just Dominica.”

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