Bloomberg Spreads Fake News Against Venezuela

bloomberg_spreads_fake_news_against_venezuela.jpg / It reported the seizure of 1.1 million oil barrels that came in four ships from Iran to Venezuela. This U.S. piracy act, however, occurred on July 20, 2020.

On Wednesday, Venezuela’s Anti-Blockade Policies Deputy Minister William Castillo Bolle denounced a new propaganda operation against his country carried out through the dissemination of fake news.


Cuban FM Describes US Operations Against Cuba as a Failure

On Tuesday, Bloomberg Linea journalist Megan Howard published an article in which she reports the seizure of 1.1 million oil barrels that came in four ships from Iran to Venezuela.

Without providing further details, her article cites as a source a statement published by the United States Department of Justice on Dec. 7, which leads the reader to think that she is reporting a recent event.

In reality, however, this statement is a summary of actions carried out by the United States between 2019 and 2020. But Howard did not clarify this detail.

Cuba has suffered under the US-imposed blockade for SIX DECADES. Isn’t it about time the US grew up & returned to a policy of engagement w/ Cuba?

Join CODEPINK & @AllianceForCuba tomorrow as we urge Reps to sign the letter calling to re-engage w/ Cuba ➡️

— CODEPINK (@codepink) December 8, 2021 “The seizure occurred on July 20, 2020. Indeed, in an act of piracy, the United States boarded four international-flagged ships and stole 1.1 million fuel barrels bound for Venezuela,” Castillo Bolle explained.

The spread of this fake new occurred when the United States held its so called “Summit of Democracy”. For this event, the Justice Department prepared a summary in which “it wants to show supposed ‘successes’ in the fight against countries that it sanctions in the name of democracy,” the Bolivarian deputy minister said.

“No other agency echoed Bloomberg’s fake new, which sneaked into some fans’ social media accounts,” Castillo Bolle recalled, adding that this news agency carried out “propaganda operations for a bankrupt hegemon.”

Venezuela: 23 years since Hugo Chavez’s first victory.

— teleSUR English (@telesurenglish) December 6, 2021

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