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Earth Today | UK working towards inclusive climate conference

earth_today_uk_working_towards_inclusive_climate_conference.jpg / THE UNITED Kingdom (UK) is seeking to achieve an inclusive climate conference in November, where financing and a range of other issues can be negotiated credibly among developed and developing country parties.

As such, Alok Sharma, president-designate for the Conference Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, as the talks are formerly referred to, said they are making the effort to ensure delegates are vaccinated.

“Last week we announced a vaccination offer for every accredited delegate coming to COP26 who is not able to get vaccinated in their home country. We are working with the United Nations and other partners to ensure they are vaccinated,” he told a press conference in Jamaica on Tuesday.

“Clearly, there are commitments that have been made by the G7 which will be taken forward. Specifically in relation to COP, we have the vaccines offer … I hope that what that will mean is that it will give people confidence to travel to the UK, give people confidence that they will be safe coming to this conference,” he said in response to queries from The Gleaner .

WORKING TOWARDS A PHYSICAL MEETING “Over the next few weeks, we will set out more details of how we will ensure a safe conference. One of the things that is very important for me is that we want to see a physical meeting in Glasgow. I think the measures that we are putting in place will allow us to do that, and, certainly, every country that I have visited – and it doesn’t matter whether they are developed countries or developing countries – it has been absolutely clear that they want a physical meeting, that they want all countries to sit equally around the table to be able to have those negotiations, and that is what we are working towards,” Sharma added.

“This decade is going to be the decisive decade for climate action. If you think about a child who is born today, before that child has completed its primary education, the future of the climate will effectively be set. Therefore, the situation is as stark as that. We have to get this right,” he said further.

His comments come in the wake of concerns over inclusivity that have been raised by stakeholders from small island developing states.

“The road to COP26 remains nebulous. COVID-19 remains a serious concern for many of us, and travel restrictions continue for many countries. Access to vaccines and testing facilities is still a challenge in small island developing states, and the safety of our delegates is a priority,” Ambassador Diann Black-Layne, chair and lead negotiator for the Alliance of Small Island States, of which Jamaica is a member, said recently.

She was speaking earlier at the closing plenary of the Joint Subsidiary Body for Scientific and Technological Advice and the Subsidiary Body for Implementation last month.

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