Light at the end of the tunnel for Geothermal Energy Development Project

light_at_the_end_of_the_tunnel_for_geothermal_energy_development_project.png / There is light at the end of the tunnel for the most talked-about Geothermal Energy Development Project as reported by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit.

Mr. Skerrit also informed that the Government of Dominica is now in a position to issue a contract for the commencement of the geothermal project on the island.

“We are seeing light at the end of the tunnel where this project is concerned. We have gone to tender for certain components of the project and the tenders have been sent back in and I believe that we are in a position to issue a contract for the commencement, in earnest, of the geothermal project in Dominica,” the Prime Minister stated during a Cabinet press conference this week.

He further informed that the government is grateful for the progress made.

“And so we’re very grateful for that. Dr. [Vince] Henderson has been exceptional in his guidance in this regard and of course, our friends from the World Bank and from the UK Government, the french, have been all exceptional in their partnership and we want to thank them for this partnership they had and we’re very grateful for this.”

Prime Minister Skerrit said the Geothermal Energy Development Project will certainly be a transformational project in terms of enhancing Dominica’s image globally as a leader in renewable energy, a leader in combating climate change, and protecting the environment.

“But very importantly too this would translate to better economic opportunities for us in terms of the cost of doing business. The hotels have to have their air condition on 24/7 and we’ll see a reduction in the electricity bills and once you can reduce the cost you will improve on your profitability. The consumers will also see a decrease in the price,” Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit informed.

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