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Entornointeligente.com / If award-winning Hollywood actress Halle Berry can take her health regime to new levels by adding the tropical favourite, Mango , to her Fitness Friday summer playlist, then it’s clear that this young reggae artiste is definitely making a huge musical impact, globally.

With her amazing vocals and authentic personality, it’s no wonder Sevana’s work resonates with so many fans all over the world.

Hitting the million mark on YouTube in three weeks with her serenading spin on a fruit, mango, is a monumental feat. So today, 5 Questions With .. . features the heart and soul behind Mango and the Be Somebody EP, Sevana.

1. What has recording been like since COVID-19?

It has been better during the global pandemic. There’s more time to record and having the Habitant Camp Studio as a go-to makes it really easy to get work done.

2. What inspired you to write the song Mango?

I wrote Mango because Julie mango is my favourite fruit and it’s a big statement to compare my excitement for mango with the kind of excitement you feel when you meet someone new. The reception has been unlike any other song or video I’ve done over the period of my entire career. I’m truly grateful.

3. If You Only Knew, what was it like shooting the music video in Africa?

It was hot, but really exciting. I got the prints you see me wearing in the video from the Senegal markets. We hired a taxi driver to take us to the different locations; it was quite rudimentary and free-flowing. The crew was made up of myself and director Yoram Savion. I didn’t actually think RCA and Indigg would be down to using the video as my first visual for the EP. It wasn’t the intention, I just did video because there was time and opportunity while in Senegal, so I’m very proud of it.

4. What are some of the themes on the Be Somebody EP, and what makes it special to you?

The theme of the EP is autonomy. Being a woman, dark-skinned, black and given a tiny box to exist in as far as what is a socially acceptable identity, you understand that it’s quite rare to be given opportunity to direct how you look and sound. This is why Be Somebody is such a significant project for me.

5. What has the reception on the EP been like from fans so far?

Honestly, the reception has been mind-blowing. There’s a different kind of impact when you put all of who you are out there in your work and people appreciate it.

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