Shining Hope Foundation supports teenage mothers

shining_hope_foundation_supports_teenage_mothers.jpg / The Shining Hope Foundation was launched virtually on Sunday to offer teenage mothers the support they need.

Dr Melania Waugh, the founder, in an interview with The Gleaner, said after seeing first-hand how teenage pregnancy dealt a devastating blow to young girls who had so much potential, and seeing how society and some families give up on them, leaving them to fend for themselves and their babies in a hostile environment, she was moved to do something.

Expounding on Shining Hope Foundation, Waugh said it is a vision birthed out of her doctoral study, with her deciding to pursue this venture as a way of giving back to the country – restoring hope and providing a second chance for teenage mothers.

After exploring the psychological effects of teen pregnancy on adolescent mothers, based on the challenges and consequences they face as a result of their pregnancy, Waugh said her findings showed that teen mothers were severely hampered in their pursuit of secondary education after pregnancy.

“Overall, teenage pregnancy was seen as the worst possible mistake, and they couldn’t see any hope of a better future. This caused them to embrace a fatalistic view of life after the pregnancy. They had not only failed, but were failures. These young mothers, in most cases, did not think they had support from family, so they felt neglected. This feeling of neglect extended to the wider society,” she noted, adding that it created confusion, shame and a sense of hopelessness that would only make any possibility to rise above their situation that much more insurmountable.

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