One Don Gang Trial: Prosecution To Provide Update On Phone Records Requested From Telecoms Providers

one_don_gang_trial_prosecution_to_provide_update_on_phone_records_requested_from_telecoms_providers.jpg / The prosecution in the One Don Gang trial is to provide an update on Friday regarding phone records which have been requested from two of Jamaica’s telecoms providers.    The policeman who was the lead investigator in the One Don Gang case on Monday testified that the police had challenges obtaining the data from both companies.    He said the records relate to secretly recorded conversations among alleged members of the gang.   On Wednesday morning, Chief Justice Bryan Sykes told the prosecution that the issue needs to be dealt with, as he and the defence need to know if the crown intends to rely on the information.    He suggested that the matter should have been addressed during the case management process, insisting the requisite summons and order should have been made.    The information, he said, is crucial as it would not only be helpful to the prosecution but could also be of help to the defence.    Additionally, Justice Sykes said if the information is obtained, then new witnesses will need to called and preparations made.    He noted that it would be pointless for the court to be hearing testimony regarding how the phones were collected if the phone data is not forthcoming and is not being relied on.    Lloyd McFarlane, the attorney representing the accused leader of the gang, Andre “Blackman” Bryan, told the court that the defence prepared its case on the basis that the there is no call data, arguing that it would be unfair to the defence to present it at this late stage. The attorney then appealed to the judge to draw the line.    The Chief Justice stressed that he will have to confront the issue as he advised the prosecution to resolve the matter.   Witness continues to identify defendants   The police witness on Wednesday disclosed that the alleged leader of the criminal network, Andre “Blackman” Bryan, was charged about a year after the police stormed his St. Andrew apartment.    The court heard that Mr. Bryan’s mother, his brother and his brother’s girlfriend were also taken into custody.    The witness, who began identifying the 33 defendants on Monday, told the court that Mr. Bryan did not reply when he was was cautioned.    The cop has so far identified 27 of the defendants he charged.  


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