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Entornointeligente.com / News day / Randolph Quantro aka Culture Tonic paid tribute to his black brothers in a song called “Lift Your Head up High” and a Rapso ditty “Let’s Go”. The visually-impaired singer with an uncanny resemblance to international superstar Stevie Wonder was on spot with his lyrics and the audience showed appreciation for his songs.

He got too excited during his delivery and moved perilously close to the edge of the stage and had to be helped back to the middle by one of the chorus singers.

The other singer, well-known extempo artiste extraordinaire, Lingo, teamed up with MC Short Pants and brought the house down with his witty lyrics. It is quite clear that Lingo has all intentions of holding on to his National Extempo title for another year.

Seventy-eight-year-old Durango produced one of the sweetest melodies of the night in a song called “The Rules of Carnival” in which he told all bad boys to leave their cutlass, knives and guns at home as “we doh want the city to be a battle ground”. His 60-year experience in calypso was evident in his presentation and dress.

But the night belonged to Sean Daniell as the audience could not get enough of his song “Right Here” in which he told Trinis it is time for a “toil boom as we no longer have any oil boom”. They kept calling him back over and over.

This was an indication of the kind of songs presented on opening night at the Icons. There was a variety of good calypsos that were very creative and well-rendered and this kept the night interesting.

Short Pants brought his years of experience to the stage and kept the audience entertained. Even when his co-MC, The Cleaner, came on it was the same.

Dictator showed what calypso is about with his well-crafted “The Beanstalk, Christian and Jack” while Organiser’s “Ah Love the Action” was very musical even though it was a song on elections.

Tempo and Yellows got encores for their performances of “No Shortage of” and “Jail Dem” respectively.

Plain Clothes of “Chambers Done See” fame came home from New York and joined Icons and he fell right in place with “Look How Trinidad Come”.

Heather, Short Pants’ daughter sang about the “Pan Headquarters” in Trincity while leader of the tent Cro Cro did “Advice to D Boss” –a song in which he gives Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley advice how to be a good prime minister. There is a line where he sings “I feel like Christ to give you this advice.” The audience went wild with Cro Cro’s song but it is a work in progress and he promises it will be a bomb when completed.

Icons is a tent filled with positive vibes and a great mixture of youth and experience even in the band led by Vincent Rivers and includes pan protégé Atiba Williams on keyboards

‘Toil boom’ time

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