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The Prime Minister should stop moaning about crime and political issues in which he says he has no control. With respect to the galloping rate of murders and crime here, all he needs to do immediately is to restore the death penalty and recommence hanging those already found guilty of murder.

Many of the serious and other crimes committed here are generated and associated with the failure of the government to deal with those committing the capital crime of murder here by not making sure that they pay the rightful retribution the death penalty. We just have too many murderers walking free here bearing in mind the size of this country and its small population.

This definitely reflects a lack of political control by the Prime Minister and our brigade of politicians.

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The law of the land must be been forced when crime gets out of control Here crime is out of control and staring us in the face, especially the act of murder.

Where control of other important matters are concerned the Prime Minister must change the rules and regulations by legislation if necessary so that he has the last say and control of what takes place in institutions such as the police.Afterall that is why he was elected as Prime Minister.

Blaming others for his failures is admitting that he has failed and this respect he should now consider hanging his boots up by resigning.


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© Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares

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