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El Clarín / El explorador británico Henry Worsley intentaba emular la expedición fallida que emprendió hace un siglo su compatriota Ernest Shackleton. Quería ser el primer hombre en cruzar solo, sin siquiera la ayuda de perros, la Antártida. Estuvo a sólo 48 kilómetros de lograr su objetivo, pero murió deshidratado y agotado.

En la cuenta de Twitter @ShackletonSolo y en su blog de viaje, el explorador fue contando la severa misión, en la que pensaba ocupar 75 días para recorrer 1.770 kilómetros. Las fotos que Worsley subió impactan y cobran otra relevancia ahora, conocida su muerte.

With great sadness, we confirm Henry Worsley died on the 24th January 2016 in Punta Arenas

— Shackleton Solo (@shackletonsolo) January 25, 2016 Henry Worsley is now in hospital in Punta Arenas with peritonitis. His wife Joanna has flown to join him. No further news until Tues 26-1-16

— Shackleton Solo (@shackletonsolo) January 23, 2016 Henry makes the courageous call to ALE – picked up safely late afternoon on Day 71

— Shackleton Solo (@shackletonsolo) January 23, 2016 Tentbound at 9,400 ft – still higher than the Pole

— Shackleton Solo (@shackletonsolo) January 23, 2016 Henry pushes on through white darkness, his sights set on the blue ice beyond

— Shackleton Solo (@shackletonsolo) January 21, 2016 A day of whiteout and a cursed soft surface – sleep the only answer on a day tough as this

— Shackleton Solo (@shackletonsolo) January 20, 2016 Soft snow makes for a punishing day as hellish surface returns to test a determined Henry

— Shackleton Solo (@shackletonsolo) January 18, 2016 Poor conditions make for slow going as hungry Henry craves food food food & a little descent

— Shackleton Solo (@shackletonsolo) January 16, 2016 The white darkness returns as Henry crests Titan Dome and senses the start of the descent

— Shackleton Solo (@shackletonsolo) January 14, 2016 Looking fly at 10,500ft – fresh pants for the descent as Henry nears the crest of Titan Dome

— Shackleton Solo (@shackletonsolo) January 13, 2016 The night walker – Henry hits the trail at midnight to climb Titan Dome

— Shackleton Solo (@shackletonsolo) January 9, 2016 Stomach upset forces rest day – but Henry is up and out by 10pm for a night trek

— Shackleton Solo (@shackletonsolo) January 8, 2016 Dental drama as Henry grinds his way up the Titan Dome

— Shackleton Solo (@shackletonsolo) January 6, 2016 Merry Christmas Henry – home comforts and calls to family make for a fine day

— Shackleton Solo (@shackletonsolo) December 26, 2015 La última selfie del explorador que murió en la Antártida

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