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RJR News / One of two Chinese nationals charged with breaches of the Trademark Act, the Pharmacy Act as well as possession of  uncustomed goods, pleaded guilty when he appeared before the St. Thomas Parish Court Wednesday morning.    The owner and operator of Bobo Enterprise in Morant Bay, Xiaokou Yuan, through an interpreter, pleaded guilty to the charge of  possession of uncustomed goods and was fined approximately $766,000 or six months imprisonment.    The fine was paid.   The presiding judge Luciano Jackson ordered that the goods be forfeited and that a No-Conviction be recorded.    The court was told that on March 24 last year, the police and custom officers went to the property with a search warrant and found fraudulent goods for sale.   Both the owner and an employee were arrested and charged.    Followings his guilty plea, Mr. Yuan’s attorney, Bertram Anderson, made a plea and negotiation agreement to which the Crown withdrew the charges of breaches of the Trademark Act and the Pharmacy Act.   The Crown offered no evidence in regards to the other man.    He was set free.  

JAMAICA: Chinese National Pleads Guilty To Possessing Uncustomed Goods

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