TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Rowley: Grande is ours
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TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Rowley: Grande is ours

News day / This means the status quo of the PNM and the UNC each having four seats in the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation, following Monday's Local Government Elections remains unchanged. PNM general secretary Ashton Ford said in addition to this, the party also won the recount in the Caura seat in the Tunapuna/ Piarco Regional Corporation yesterday.

Rowley also said data gathered by the PNM showed that the turnout in Monday's local government elections was approximately 34 percent and not the 17 percent which certain analysts and segments of the media.

The Prime Minister said these groups did not have reliable data to make a proper assessment of the voter turnout and the analysis they were doing was, "pontification without the data." In a release late yesterday, the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) said the official results of the elections will be released today.

Rejecting Opposition Leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar's that the PNM claimed victory in the Sangre Grande Regional Corporation on Monday, Rowley supported the position taken by party chairman Franklin Khan at a news conference at Balisier House on Tuesday about the PNM retaining control of this corporation."Once the results were clear enough to us and we sought proper legal advice," the Prime Minister said.

"We got it and as soon as we got it, we made that advice available to the public." Saying the UNC reacted as expected, Rowley declared, "The fact of the matter is that under law, we retain the chairmanship and control of the Sangre Grande Corporation, not by any favour and not by any coalition." The Prime Minister reiterated, "The law provides for us to remain there and we sought legal advice before we spoke and that's how the PNM conducts its business." Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister Stuart Young said the ability of incumbent chairman Terry Rondon to remain in office is contained in the provisions of the Municipal Corporations Act and in other pieces of subsidiary legislation. Section 15 (2) of that Act allows a mayor or chairman to remain in office unless he resigns, ceases to be qualified, becomes disqualified or is removed from office in accordance with the Act. Saying the PNM and the UNC each have four councillors (and each have two aldermen) in the corporation (for a total of six votes each), Rowley said Rondon will remain as chairman and has a casting vote in terms of the corporation running its business. He explained that the last time he checked, "seven is more than six." PM HITS MEDIA Explaining his response on Monday to a reporter's question about an alleged 17 percent voter turnout, Rowley said, "My reaction was to the misinformation that was being peddled and it was aggravating to me." While he retained confidence in the media to do its job, the Prime Minister was concerned that segments of the media were misled by, "people who did not want to face another defeat ", who, "organised themselves to feed misinformation to those who were informing the public." Saying certain sections of the media and certain analysts did not have credible data to assess the voter turnout, Rowley said, "Our (PNM) information is that in many areas, the turnout was as high as 40 odd percent.

Most areas were in the 30 odd percent. The average was 34 percent." He stated the lowest voter turnout was 22 and 23 percent in Port-of- Spain and Diego Martin respectively, "where incidentally, the PNM won all 22 seats by upwards of 70 or 80 percent." Rowley said while the PNM went in with 83 seats and won 82 of the 137 seats on Monday, " somehow the people who won 55 seats were somehow getting the media to say, they won the elections." The Prime Minister declared that contrary to the Opposition's claims, the PNM's vote declined by only eight percent to its vote in the 2013 Local Government Elections. However he said the UNC's vote declined by 30 percent from 2013 to now. "I have not heard that being said as part of the conversation.

We are not the party that lost 70,000 (votes), that is the Opposition," Rowley quipped.

Rejecting Persad-Bissessar's claim that the UNC "wrestled 12 seats" from the PNM, Rowley declared, " There are seven corporations in which the PNM alone won seats. We have seats in every corporation, bar one, Penal/Debe." He continued, "We polled more votes in some areas than we did in 2013.

In some cases we polled more votes in those areas but we did not in fact win the seats, we lost the seat by very narrow margins." Rowley said the PNM won a newly created seat and also won a seat in San Fernando which it had not won in 24 years. In contrast, Rowley said the UNC did not win back the Chaguanas Borough Corporation as Persad-Bissessar alleged.

TRINIDAD Y TOBAGO: Rowley: Grande is ours

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