Tessanne prayerfully salutes Bob, then rips into Katy Perry
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Tessanne prayerfully salutes Bob, then rips into Katy Perry

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ENTORNOINTELIGENTE.COM / RJR News / Jamaica's Tessanne Chin put in two powerful performances again on NBC's The voice on Monday night, solidifying her claim as one of the strongest contestants still on the show.

By Tuesday evening it will be known whether the voting public agreed however that she deserves to be among the last five in the compeitition, with one of the six contestants scheduled to be eliminated.


Some Jamaicans were surprised and, frankly, nervous, when the song choices for the night were posted and it became clear that Tessanne would once again delve into the Jamaican songbook, this time taking on one of the legendary Bob Marley's masterpieces - Redemption Song. The question was not whether she would master the song but whether a Bob Marley classic would be accepted coming from anyone else and whether the American audience would take to it for a singing competition.

In the end, Chin's flawless rendition of the song, accentuated by elements of her own interpretation, wowed the judges and the audience, earning her high praises form her coach, Adam Levine, who is a declared diehard fan of Jamaican music and culture, generally.

Christina Aguilera, agreed that it was a great performance, noting that she was hearing more and more of the Jamaican accent that she had been demanding of Tessanne in the earlier rounds of the competition.


It was Tessanne's second performance, however, a soaring renditition of Katy Perry's "Unconditionally"  - that brought an interesting comment from another of the judges, Blake Shelton.

Shelton who has not always had an opportunity to comment on Chin's performances on the show, made it clear that he was tired of her Jamaican origins being highlighted instead of her pure singing ability. He argued that, as proud as she justifiably was of that heritage, it was more important to demonstrate that she is "a world class singer" and, according to him, with that rendition of "Unconditionally" she had again underlined that message.

It's left to be seen whether that message got through to enough of the voters, who will eliminate one from the six, the other performers being Will Champlin, Mathew Schuler, Jacquie Lee, Cole Vosbury and James Wolpert.

At this point, deep into the competition, Tessanne Chin's coach, Adam Levine, is the only one who still has as many as three contestants, the others being Champlin and Wolpert. Aguilera is holding onto two of hers - Schuler and Lee, while Shelton is down to one contestant, Cole Vosbury.

Will Shelton join Ceelo Green as the coaches without a contestant after Tuesday's elimination show? Vosbury has been showing remarkable staying power, particularly based on iTunes sales of his songs so there might yet be some fight left in the "bearded wonder".

The one making the exit next could therefore be from either of the other two teams, but chances are Tessanne's performances on Monday night were enough to fortify her position.

In the meantime, just to be sure, Twitter parties were held by members of the Jamaican Diaspora all over the United States to drum up real voting support for her. Similar gatherings were staged locally at popular sports bars and elsewhere; evidence, if ever it was needed, that "Tessanne fever" has truly caught on among Jamaicans, lost in this moment of patriotic fervour.



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