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T&T's 2014 gas production to match 2011

The trinidad Guardian / T&T's natural gas production in 2014 is expected to match 2011's, Energy and Energy Affairs Minister Kevin Ramnarine has said. In 2011, T&T produced approximately 1.43 trillion cubic feet of gas (tcf), which at the time was a four per cent decline from the 2010 figure of 1.49 tcf. In 2012, the country produced 1.5 tcf.  "The figures I've been seeing for 2014 would be comparable to 2011 figures. We've gotten figures from all the companies and that's something I could share with you. This year has been a better year for gas production in general compared to last year," Ramnarine said.  Up to press time, the promised figure for the first ten months of 2013 had not been received, but two of the country's top gas producers, bpTT and BGTT, have been conducting scheduled maintenance which is broadly expected to impact the 2013 production number.



On gas curtailments, over which Atlantic Chief Executive Officer Nigel Darlow,  had expressed "frustration," Ramnarine said: "I think we are coming out of that because there is no curtailment right now." At a media appreciation event last week, Darlow was quoted as saying: "I'm a little bit frustrated with the gas shortfall we're continuing to have. It's a concern we have but I'm confident the current challenges are temporary and that Trinidad will be supplying the gas that Atlantic and Point Lisas need once the heavy upstream work is completed." Hours earlier, Ramnarine had said government is "committed to give the companies in Point Lisas a two−year forecast, so at the very least, they could plan their business accordingly around that forecast".


He said he receives daily reports from Pt Lisas, and the estate is consuming about 1.7 billion cubic feet (bcf) of gas per day right now. At the time, there were two plants down for planned maintenance−Point Lisas Nitrogen Ltd (PLNL), and Caribbean Nitrogen Company (CNC). Up to press time, only one was down and the other was expected to come back on stream this week. "When they come back on stream that (consumption figure) will go up to about 1.8 bcf of gas per day, but I think generally natural gas production was better this year," he said. "That had a lot to do with (bpTT's) Savonette 4 (gas field) and next year we expect to have the full effect of Savonette, as Savonette 6 is being drilled right now, and the Osprey development is being completed right now by EOG Resources." Last year, on November 19, bpTT had announced a gas discovery of an estimated 1 tcf offshore Trinidad, doubling the estimated gas in place at the Savonette gas field, to 2 tcf.


The Savonette 4 appraisal well was drilled into an untested fault block east of the original Savonette field discovery well, in water depths of almost 300 feet in the Columbus basin approximately 80 kilometres off the south east coast of Trinidad. The well was drilled to a total depth of 18,678 feet and penetrated hydrocarbon−bearing reservoirs in two intervals with discovered gas in place exceeding initial estimates. The Savonette field was discovered in 2004 by the Chachalaca exploration well and began production in 2009 through a normally unmanned platform built in Trinidad at TOFCO. Based on the success of the Savonette 4 well, bpTT proposed to drill a further two development wells into the Savonette reservoirs. The gas discovered began production in October 2012, with the Savonette 4 well currently flowing at approximately 225 million standard cubic feet of gas per day (mmscf/d), ramping up to 250 mmscf/d. If successful, the two additional development wells are also expected to be brought into production over the next year to eighteen months.


"This is exciting news for both bpTT and the industry since this represents the largest discovery for bpTT since 2005," BP regional president Norman Christie said. "The significant investment in the Savonette 4 well and the potential further investment in two additional development wells, combined with the investment in the ocean bottom cable seismic acquisition, is testament to bpTT's ongoing commitment to the development of our Trinidad and Tobago operations and the wider industry. This discovery demonstrates that with the right technology we can continue to uncover the full potential of the Columbus Basin." BP has a 100 per cent working interest in Savonette 4.

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