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Daren Ganga...

The trinidad Guardian / Daren Ganga, known best for his role as an international cricketer, launched his luxury clothing label, Dazza Menswear on September 8.

According to Ganga, while the menswear collection made its début that night, the Dazza brand has been around for four years, with its first initiative being a range of high quality cricket equipment with a modern flair for both male and female cricketers of various ages and levels of performance.

The Dazza brand also offers genuine support for talent development in the region, sponsoring several cricketers across the region "enabling them to focus on their game without having to worry about finding the money to purchase gears and avoiding embarrassment-as I had-due to old or damaged equipment".

Last week the Guardian contacted Ganga for a Q&A on his line.

What inspired you to create a clothing line?

Even though I recently introduced this menswear line, the Dazza brand has been around for about four years now, since the introduction of Dazza High Performance cricket gear into the local and regional markets. It is a collection of top quality cricket equipment with individual lines, customised to suit different ages, genders, performance levels and of course, style. Through this equipment line I have been able to contribute directly to the development of talent in the region by sponsoring several young high-potential cricketers, paying forward the kindness and generosity that was shown to me as a youngster.

Cricket, like so many other sports, has taken on an exciting persona-especially with the unprecedented surge in popularity of the T20 format. With this proliferation of the sport has come the incorporation of individual style and fashion elements in everything from the uniforms, to the gear, to the way the players dress off the field. The blurring of the lines among sport, fashion and entertainment only further piqued my interest in clothing, and the menswear line became a natural next step for the Dazza brand.

Has fashion always been a passion of yours? When did you realize you wanted to be a fashion designer?

At the launch I told the story of my first outing as a Naps boy to a sister school for a collective Presbyterian High School Sports. Now, I was in Form one and looking to make a great impression on my "peers", and growing up, we had few luxuries afforded to us. So, I decided to borrow my uncle's shoes, as mine were really cheap and unfashionable, only to have them become unglued in the middle of a football match, to my utter chagrin. You know these things remain with you, and I started paying more and more attention to my clothes and shoes, especially as I began to tour different countries for cricket. As I could afford over time, I would buy quality, stand-out pieces, paying attention to the aesthetics to which I was most attracted.

Over the years, travelling to various parts of the world, I developed a keen eye for sharp, tailored menswear, and I've pulled together a collection of pieces from different cultures that I like to mix and match. I've been paying more and more attention to what I like, and to the trends as they emerge and evolve; so I wouldn't necessarily say I am a designer in the proper sense of the profession, but more of an avid fashion enthusiast. With the Dazza platform, I've had the opportunity to explore this passion of mine and bring the menswear line to fruition.

How has your wife's fashion career influenced you?

Noor is very passionate and experienced as a fashion designer and she has built her own aesthetic and brand. I was able to understand the intricate details of design, manufacturing and standards for a finished product. I now have a better understanding of mood boards and matching materials for eventual stitching. By being a witness to this process, it made me appreciate the effort that goes into design. I would say that her career has influenced me in a positive way especially in terms of becoming more heavily involved in the industry itself.

Describe your line, who are you designing clothes for? What type of man?

The line is designed for the active, discerning man. The first collection is a series of shirts which are versatile-they can be dressed up or styled in a more casual manner-but they all bear the hallmarks of luxury, sophistication and quality. Each piece is impeccably crafted from the finest fabrics and is designed to complement the lifestyle of the young, stylish, professional willing to make a bold statement. Most importantly, the garments are comfortable and durable.

What is the design process like for you? Where do you get inspiration?

My inspiration comes from travel and from my life experiences, in addition to the people who I'm surrounded with. I've accumulated all these attributes and converted it into a menswear line that's uniquely my aesthetic.

What's next for Daren Ganga?

To continue following my corporate dreams and pursue viable opportunities. I'm always willing to embrace a challenge and branch out into something new.

Daren Ganga…

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