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Nick Kyrgios, the fiery Australian known to break rackets on the court, went out of his way this weekend to help mend the broken hearts of tennis players from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

On Sunday afternoon, unbeknownst to most of the thousands of fans roaming around the Miami Open, Kyrgios was on Practice Court 3, hitting balls with nine members of MSD?s boys? and girls? tennis teams. He invited them to train with him when he met them before and after his match Saturday night.

He joked around with them, let them try to return his serve and challenged three MSD players to try to win a point off him.

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He said if any of the three could win a point, he?d give them a gift from his bag. Two girls did, and he gave them bright yellow compression sleeves.

?It was incredible to practice with him,? Douglas freshman Amanda Aponte said.

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?He hits it way harder than anyone I?ve ever played. It?s amazing how fast and consistent he hits it. It was so nice of him to spend time with us and let us hit with him.?


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