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With her strong background as an Olympian and personal trainer, being one half of the husband-and-wife team behind the newly opened state-of-the-art Life Fit Training Centre is a natural fit for Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn.

After operating Cuthbert’s Fitness Studio for over 12 years, the Olympic and world silver medallist one day shared her dream of setting up her own fully equipped fitness centre, catering to the clients’ every need – from warm up to recovery – with one of her long-time clients.

“I had been talking to her about my dream; what I want my fitness centre to be like,” she told The Gleaner .

So when that client and friend pointed her to a bigger, better facility, Cuthbert-Flynn discussed it with husband LeVaughn, and the couple jumped at the opportunity, resulting in the Life Fit Training Centre – located atop the Dunn’s electrical building on Red Hills Road in St Andrew – which opened earlier this year.



The ultra-modern Life Fit Training Centre is Cuthbert-Flynn’s – and anyone who is into fitness – ultimate dream.

Forget gyms as you know them. Life Fit is a true, fully functional training centre.

On entering, you are greeted by all the latest exercise machines, weights, and accessories you could ever want for resistance training. And it doesn’t stop there. A second level is fully furnished with a variety of cardio machines.

“Some of the things that are offered at Life Fit are all that I love,” Cuthbert-Flynn shared.

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“I love weight training. For free-weight lovers like me, we have free weights, and we also have machine weights.”

Added to all that are an open space for yoga or cardio classes; two roof-top astro turfs (for football and other workout sessions, including boot camp); and a basketball court.

And yet you still wouldn’t have had the complete Life Fit experience.

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For that, you would have to throw in the sauna, the ice tub, and the juice bar for recovery. All set in a cool, on-top-of-the-city ambiance.

“Here, we also have the outdoor kind of fitness, and that’s something that I love.

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You can do boot camps, which I love. I’ve been doing that for 12 years,” Cuthbert-Flynn said of her early morning Saturday classes.

“What is a fitness centre without a cold tub for recovery? A lot of times, you have people work out – they lift weights and so on – and they are sore and can’t complete a workout the next day.

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So I told my husband we had to get a cold tub and sauna for that recovery and rejuvenation.”

And both are located right next to the spacious changing rooms, with separate areas for males and females, equipped with showers and all.

– Marvin Gordon is a fitness coach.

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